Many countries throughout the world are grappling with the notion of who doesn’t and who does qualify for refugee status. Refugee status was defined by the United Nations Convention on the status of refugees. It stated that a refugee is someone who is seeking asylum in another country other than their own country. Currently there are 147 countries that have agreed upon the ratification of points from the Convention of Refugees in 1951.

It is unfortunate to see this sad state of affairs happening in so many places throughout the world. In fact, the world is becoming overwhelmed by the number of wars and conflicts that have forced many of their citizens to flee the country. Many of these refugees are living in refugee camps where there is inadequate food, sanitation, clothing, medical supplies, and so forth. True, there are countries that are accepting some of these refugees but there are still so many out there. It is good to see

What can an individual do to help these refugees? That is a good question because there are various ways to help including donating funds, volunteering, and making sure that your government helps to support this ever-growing need for human relief. various relief organizations reaching out to help. There are even local businesses that have donations and are doing their part to help. One local auto repair shop ( set up a donation box near their cash register, and encourage customers to contribute. If more businesses like this would help, it would go very far in the relief effort in helping these refugees.