Refugees need a lot of help and support. Arriving in a country with no money, no right to work, and often ending up somewhere where you do not speak the language is not something that is easy to do.

That’s why there are so many organisations out there now that are doing outreach projects for refugees. They go to the areas where the local government is supporting refugees and work with them to help them find employment, learn English, and access the support that they need in terms of benefits, health care, and other things.

There are a lot of organisations that work with refugees. Many of them are charities that offer free support to people who are fleeing war. They are staffed by volunteers, and they depend on donations to keep them going. If you are interested in supporting refugees, then try to find an outreach center in your area to donate to. If you can’t donate funds, then try joining a befriending service. Be-frienders go and meet people and help them integrate into the local neighborhood, giving them confidence and support, so that they do not feel as isolated in a country that is far from home.