My name is Diana and I’m a bartender at night and human rights activist by day. One question I get a lot is the refugee “problem” in the world. Anyone that knows me knows where I stand on the issue (on the side of kindness). It’s a hotly debated issue but to me, the choice is clear.

While it may seem the anti-refugee sentiment is on the rise, there are actually a huge number of organizations going out of their way to make sure that refugees feel safe and taken care of. These organizations have made it their mission to provide excellent outreach and other programs for anyone struggling upon coming into the country. In addition, they tend to be well funded by other organizations and individuals looking to make a big change in the world around us.
Many of these organizations exist just to connect refugees with others who are willing to help them and keep them safe. Others provide food, water, clothing, housing, and emotional support. Thankfully, most of these organizations are networked and well known to each other, allowing them to focus on one thing or another while knowing that the needs of each and every person will be seen to as a whole.

The growing number of organizations is helping make sure that no-one falls through the cracks and that this actual safety net is there to comfort people in their darkest times. If this trend continues, everyone coming in will be able to take comfort in finally reaching a safe place.

Help For Refugees

Each country will have its own program for helping refugees from around the world. Many of these refugees are living horrible lives that it is impossible to imagine. On a daily basis they are hungry, hurting, and cold. Often they do not have enough food or clothing to survive the cold harsh winters of where they have escaped to.

Therefore, many countries are providing food and shelter for many of these refugees. In fact, many countries are inviting some of these refugees to settle in their own country. Countries such as Sweden, Finland, Canada, England, Germany, and the United States are just a few countries that have offered this type of relief.

If you are about to donate money to a refugee charitable organization then you should consider a couple of important points. The first and most important point is to make sure that the money is going to help refugees and not going to pay the salaries of the administrators of the charitable organization. Second, you should make sure that you know which refugees are being helped. There are situations where certain refugees are in extremely dire straits whereas others are in a state that is not comfortable but not as bad as others.